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My name is Mike Lawrie and I’m running for the Charleston County District 2 Constituent School Board, representing Isle of Palms, Mount Pleasant, Sullivan’s Island and surrounding areas of Charleston County. 


I have four children in Mount Pleasant elementary and middle schools and my wife is a teacher. We have lived in Mount Pleasant for ten years. I am a Cybersecurity Architect for a large area employer, I teach Sunday School at Christ Our King Catholic Church and regularly coach youth sports teams. Previously, I have been a Probation Officer and a Marine Corps Intelligence Officer and I have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. So in summary, I’ve been blessed with great educational opportunities and I am passionate about ensuring all kids have those same opportunities to grow to their full potential.


I’m running for two main reasons: school safety and teacher retention. Both of these are often a direct result of discipline standards, for which this Board is the authority. Too often in recent years, I’ve been concerned or astonished at disciplinary decisions made in schools. Kids need and deserve an environment of firm, consistent and predictable discipline. Without this, schools become dangerous, good teachers leave the profession and all kids ultimately suffer.


I want to ensure we get zoning right. Schools are a source of neighborhood cohesion and community spirit and my analysis of zoning issues will prioritize this. As a Belle Hall resident, I saw in recent years how much stress and disagreement can be caused by a zoning issue (Lucy Beckham High School). While I agree with this zoning decision, I sympathize with everyone who did not and I intend to make every effort to not create a similar situation in the coming years. 


The Constituent Board’s authority is limited and unique and has been litigated in court several times in recent decades. Per basic principles of democracy, what happens in District 2 schools needs to reflect the will of the people of Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island and unincorporated areas in between. If CCSD or the Consolidated School Board are not letting this happen, I intend to work with fellow board members, local officials and state government to exhaust our legal options to keep our schools great!

I’d be honored to earn your vote on (or before) November 8. In the meantime, please call, text or email me to share any thoughts you have about issues before the Constituent School Board or school issues in general. Thank you!

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